Your well-being during your stay at The Norwood is very important to us. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and to abide by government guidelines, we have drawn up a policy with the aim of keeping everyone safe. We shall email you before your arrival, directing you to the new Covid-19 policy on our website. 
The main changes are as follows: the 1+ metre social distancing rule is in place throughout the guest house; sanitisers are readily available in reception and the dining room; the way that we operate at breakfast has altered; our cleaning policy has been reviewed; our available bedrooms have been reduced by at least 20% to enable social distancing more easily. We have also recently purchased a non-contact forehead thermometer for guests should you need reassurance about your temperature. 
Understandably, there may be further changes in the light of the current evolving situation, but we still hope to provide a pleasant holiday experience. 
If you or anyone in your party develops a fever, persistent cough or loss of taste/smell whilst on your journey to us, please return home. We shall, of course, rearrange your stay for a later date at no extra charge. 
If you arrive by car, we do have 3 car spaces at the back of The Norwood. However, we also have a long-standing arrangement with a nearby hotel, so parking and social distancing should not be a problem. If possible, call us from your mobile to alert us to your arrival. 
Check-in at Reception 
If you walk up the front entrance steps and notice another guest at reception, please wait in the porch until they have been directed to their room. The bell on the left-hand side will have been disinfected after each guest arrives. 
Anti-viral, high alcohol, non-contact hand sanitiser will be available in reception. Please use this before entering. 
A screen has been purchased for reception, together with signage and floor markings, to remind all guests of the importance of social distancing. 
You will no longer be required to sign a registration form. Your keys will have been sanitised with uv light beforehand and be ready for you to use. 
Directing You to Your Room 
We have one main staircase leading from reception. The banister will be regularly disinfected as will all light switches, door handles etc. Guests need to be particularly aware of social distancing on the staircase, giving way on the landings where necessary. Signs on each landing aim to remind guests of this. 
We shall direct you to your room from reception. If you would like your luggage to be carried to your door, we shall happily do so. 
Bedroom and En-suite 
On entering your bedroom, you will notice a welcome letter informing you of our new room servicing policy: 
• before your arrival, your room will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, paying particular attention to areas and items of high use such as door 
handles, light switches, television remote controls, hair dryers, irons etc 
• on arrival, you will be offered a complimentary drink which will be carried to your room and left outside 
• in accordance with government guidelines, rooms can no longer be serviced daily. However, we will collect your bin bags from outside your door after breakfast 
• dirty mugs, spoons and glasses will also be collected from outside your door each day to be cleaned in the dishwasher and then returned 
• teas, coffees, milks, sugars etc will be replenished upon request 
• toiletries – toilet rolls, individually wrapped soap, shampoo etc - will also be supplied upon request. 
In order to comply with social distancing, we would like to offer the following options: 
• 'room only' at a reduced rate 
• two breakfast-time settings. Spaces will be left between occupied tables to maintain social distancing 
• breakfast ‘to go’ – ordered the day before from a limited menu and delivered to outside your room. 
We no longer will be able to display the buffet selection of juice, cereals, yoghurt and fruit in the dining room. Instead, you will be asked to order your breakfast from your own individual menu which is to be handed in at reception the evening before. 
Sugar, salt and pepper sachets, together with butter and jams, will still be available to order during breakfast. The Full English Breakfast will still be available along with a variety of options to suit all tastes. 
There is a customer toilet on the ground floor which is regularly monitored and disinfected. Guests are encouraged to use their own room toilet wherever possible. 
Check-out at Reception 
Paying your balance by bank transfer is now the safest way, but, if you need to use the credit card machine, we will ensure that the machine is disinfected with a uv light sanitiser beforehand. Contactless payment, where possible, is appreciated. 
If we have a large number of guests checking out on a particular day, we may stagger departures to ensure social distancing. Please leave your keys in the box on reception before departure. 
We hope that this policy reassures you that we are taking every measure to ensure that you have a happy stay with us, despite the pandemic. 
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